Emerge's Volumes Inch Closer To Levels Originally Projected

July 15, 2020

Digital freight marketplace Emerge is seeing volumes inch closer to levels originally projected for 2020. Despite the economic ups and downs that truckload freight has experienced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the freight-tech start-up is on track to match this year's expected budget of $100 million, according to Emerge Co-Founder, Andrew Leto.

Leto and FreightWaves Director of Freight Intelligence Zach Strickland discussed how Emerge's marketplace enables shippers to find trucks more efficiently and cost-effectively on the latest episode of Freight.Tech Update presented by Emerge.

"We're back on pace and shippers are starting to take notice of the value of our marketplace and use it to procure their contract and spot freight," Leto said.

Emerge's Digital Freight Marketplace for spot and contract freight connects thousands of verified carriers and brokers. The company's advanced features, including its dynamic RFP, intelligent route guides and spot tool, give users the confidence they need to make tough logistical decisions.

Leto explained that most shippers use Excel spreadsheets and emails to procure freight and for those that aren't, they're using a procurement system that's really not tailored specifically to trucking. He stated that Emerge is concentrating 100% on building a procurement system for shippers to find and "buy" trucks better than their current methods.

"The Emerge marketplace lets you tie in all of your digital freight brokers and carriers and builds in a procurement system," Leto said. "That's what makes us different from a traditional freight brokerage."

Leto and Strickland discussed how shippers can ensure they're getting the best rate using a system to bring carriers to bid in the video below.